Hello everyone—and welcome to the new ACORN blog!

First I’d like to congratulate our ACORN Logo Contest winner, Shurie Bocanegra, on her winning piece shown in the banner above. Shurie’s art will not only be used on the blog, but in all ACORN communication materials. She will also receive one free registration to any 2016 or 2017 SCBWI CA North/Central regional event, valued up to $100! Well done, Shurie!

Congratulations also to runners up Angelica JacksonCarella Herberger, and Lee Davis! Angelica, Carella, and Lee had our Top Three runner up entries for the contest!

art by Angelica Jackson


art by Carella Herberger


squirrels playing (1)
art by Lee Davis


Okay, you may be saying, ACORN is a blog now. What does that mean for me? First, it means you’ll be hearing from us more frequently. You’ll be getting smaller bits more often, and hopefully that’s a good thing! Second, and this is my FAVORITE part, it means ACORN is interactive. It means that whether you’re reading a post about a member’s Good News (woot!) or you’re deep in an essay about diversity in children’s book publishing, YOU can participate. You can be part of the conversation. Don’t like the conversation? Start a new one! ACORN is now not only a source of information, but a forum and a platform for YOU, for the region, on all things related to kids’ books. And considering all of the various viewpoints and perspectives in our region, I think that’s exciting.

That’s pretty rad, you may be saying, but what now? Take a look around. We’ve filled the blog with a bunch of good information: links to regional MeetUps, Upcoming Events, fun pics of members and cover art, and all kinds of reference stuff. Wander through the new house…we hope you like it! Next, sign up for email updates on the main page by clicking the FOLLOW ACORN button on the bottom left. Add your email address and whenever a new post goes out, you’ll be notified. You’ll be connected. It’s that easy. 🙂




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