Mendocino County Meet & Greet

Mendocino County is part of the SCBWI North Central chapter, but with many events occurring in the Sacramento region and more urban hubs, the distance Mendocino County writers have to travel for events and workshops can present a challenge.

So, in January of this year Natasha Yim, author of Goldy Luck and the Three Pandas, Sacajawea of the Shoshone, and the upcoming The Rock Maiden, decided to facilitate a monthly meet and greet for Mendocino and Lake County writers. (Yay, Natasha!)

In January, only one writer showed up. In February, there were two. And now the group has gained a loyal following of 5 writers. (Woot! <—That’s us cheering from Sac!)

Last month the Mendocino group met at Middle Grade writer Terry Nicholson’s lovely home and a new writer attended! Topics ranged from plotting (the pros and cons of being a pantser or a plotter), narrative structure, problem-solving those saggy middles, writing your ending first as a roadmap for your novel, and Martha Alderson’s Plot Whisperer workshops and resources. For inspiration, everyone brought writing prompts and the group spent 15 mins. with uninterrupted stream-of-consciousness writing. Prompts were then read out loud with friendly critiques all around.

The next Mendocino County Meet and Greet is scheduled for June 18 (11:00 am-2:30 pm) at Serena Miller’s home. Please contact Natasha Yim at for specific location!


Mendocino County Meet & Greet writers from left: Serena Miller, Joyce Smith, Karen Loyster, and Terry Nicholson.




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