Good News!

goodnewsCongratulations to member Linda Whalen! Linda’s debut picture book, Little Red Rolls Away, is due Spring of 2017 and will be published by Sleeping Bear Press. The deal was made by Linda’s agent, Karen Grencik of Red Fox Literary. Way to go, Linda! She is also excited to mention that she’s running a pre-order contest with a special mystery prize! Check her website for details.

I asked Linda to share her inspiration, her journey to publication, and what she thought contributed to her recent success:

Joining SCBWI has provided me with the tools and supports needed to achieve my dream of writing for children. It took several years to learn and hone linda-whalenmy skills but it was worth it. The idea for Little Red Rolls Away came to me during a PiBoldMo (Picture Book Idea Month by Tara Lazar). Many critiques later, hashed out with my writing friends Linda Joy Singleton and Danna Smith, it was ready for my agent Karen Grencik of Red Fox Literary.

In July Karen submitted my manuscript to several publishers and the wait began. Some good rejections and some no responses. September came and it was time for a second round of subs.

Finally, in October 2015 Barb McNally from Sleeping Bear Press took Little Red Rolls Away to acquisitions. Fingers crossed and lots of chocolate later, a contract was offered. A happy New Year brought a signed contract and an announcement in Publishers Marketplace. Yay! The twist to this story is that Sleeping Bear Press was in the first round of submissions. Patience and surprises are a part of getting published. Never give up!

When Little Red Barn wakes one morning he finds his animal friends have gone. He’s empty and alone. And then big noisy machines lift him up and put him on truck. As Little Red is transported across the countryside, down a major river, and through city streets, he feels anxious and a little afraid. Where is he going? Who will be there when he reaches his destination?

When Little Red does finally reach his new home in a surprising location, he finds things are even better than before. The story of the little red barn’s relocation and adjustment to a new place will reassure and comfort young readers facing changes in their own lives.

Linda Whalen lives with her husband on a plot of land in Northern California. Born a city kid, she married a farm boy from the midwest and fell in love with country life. Surrounded by family, pets, and bunches of wild creatures, life is never dull. After working in and owning her own childcare facility, Linda now pursues her passion of writing for children. She also enjoys time spent with her art supplies. Visit her at



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