An Abundance of Imprints

New imprints are popping up all over!

Christopher Myers and Random House focus on underrepresented stories and worlds, California publisher Cameron + Company looks for that “classic feel,” and graphic novel publisher Papercutz gets hyper focused on tween girls.

With a little digging and a lot of luck you might just find the sweet spot for that amazing manuscript you’ve been shopping. 😉 Details and full articles are below. Good luck!

Make Me A World with Christopher Myers and Random House Children’s Books launched

Christopher Myers

Jul 7, 2016. In a Publisher’s Weekly piece by Shannon Maughan, Myers said, “I want this imprint to build worlds for young people to grow up in. Each book is a world – and there are so many worlds that have yet to be created.”

Cameron Kids from Cameron + Company is looking for books “with classic potential” that their whole team will love. The imprint not only seeks first time authors and illustrators, but also boasts the talents of editor Amy Novesky, who began her 20 year career at Chronicle Books. Read the full piece by Anisse Gross here.

Charmz by kids’ graphic novel publisher Papercutz is set to launch in May 2017. Charmz seeks “relationship driven stories” for tweens, especially girls. Brigid Alverson’s full article in Publisher’s Weekly quotes Papercutz vp of marketing, Sven Larsen: “We are looking at ages 10–13 as the sweet spot for this with the potential for it to go slightly older and slightly younger.”

Four new Charmz graphic novels, to be released simultaneously.

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