#MSWL is #KindOfABigDeal

If you haven’t discovered Manuscript Wish List (#MSWL) yet, now’s the time! The website (and companion hashtag) are designed to answer the classic question: What do agents and editors want in their submission inboxes?

Here’s how it works—editors and agents create listings and profiles (that they update) on the website. And each profile is linked to that particular agent or editor’s #MSWL tweets, so you’ll always know what they’re hoping for.

So, if you see a tweet or a listing asking for a PB about robot-eating chickens that has a ton of heart with timeless appeal, then you (as the author or illustrator) will know that your MG book about chicken-eating robots is, alas, not quite right.

In addition, certain days are designated as #MSWL DAY. You can find out exactly when that is by following #MSWL on twitter, by checking ManuscriptWishList regularly, or by following our region’s SCBWI tweets, just to name a few.

SCBWI NorthCal on Twitter, keeping us all in the loop, 6/30


It’s all pretty exciting, I know. But remember, there are RULES. Familiarize yourself with them. A biggie, quoted from the website, reads: “Writers should NOT post on the hashtag. It’s mostly read by writers…and if agents do happen to see your tweet, they’ll be annoyed that you broke the rules, and this will reflect poorly on you as a potential client.” EEK!

The website is run by various folks now, but was started by Jessica Sinsheimer, now an Associate Agent at the Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency. So do yourself a favor. Take an hour and explore Manuscript Wish List, then check out #MSWL. They’re both full of valuable information. And who knows? Maybe an agent or editor just tweeted that they’re dreaming of your MG book about chicken-eating robots. ;p


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