VA School Board Says No to ‘Explicit’ Warning on Books

Teachers, parents, and the National Coalition Against Censorship squared off late lasturl month in Virginia. Parent Laura Murphy’s concerns over her son’s assignment to read Toni Morrison’s Beloved led to a proposal calling for warning labels on all books with sexual content.

The ‘explicit’ label was rejected by Virginia’s board of education. Members noted that while parents do have a right to regulate what their children read, defining “sexually explicit content” was not in their purview. Critics of the proposal stated that labeling books for content would reduce them to nothing more than their sexual content. Though the measure was rejected, a similar bill is under consideration in the state legislature.

For more details, read the full piece.

Kean, Danuta. (2017, January 30). Virginia Rejects Attempt to Make Schools Warn Parents of ‘Explicit’ Books. Retrieved from:


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