Mem Fox Detained at LAX

“I wasn’t pulled out because I’m some kind of revolutionary activist, but my God, I am now,” author Mem Fox said in a Feb 27th piece for ‘The Guardian’. Fox, the iconic Australian children’s author of many books including Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes, was detained earlier this month by immigration officers at Los Angeles International airport for nearly two hours and, she says, rudely questioned about her visa status.

Mem Fox reads aloud at SCBWI LA Summer Conference in 2015. Photo by Alan Baker.

Ironically, she was headed to Milwaukee to a conference of the Wisconsin State Reading Association  to receive an honorarium for delivering a keynote on the importance of tolerance and acceptance. Fox noted in a piece for the Washington Post that after 117 trips to the United States, following this experience she is unlikely to return.

Fox’s 2015 keynote, along with her inspired reading of Hattie and the Fox, was a highlight at the 44th Annual SCBWI Summer Conference in Los Angeles.

For more details, read Nora Krug’s piece for The Washington Post and Mem Fox’s piece, as told to Lucy Clark, for The Guardian.

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