SCBWI Books for Readers Book Drive!

unnamedSCBWI recently announced the launch of Books for Readers, its new Book Drive. The literacy initiative is meant to increase book access for readers in desperate need of books by collecting and donating books created by SCBWI members, to help promote SCBWI authors, illustrators, and their books, and to advance SCBWI’s mission as an organization of book creators and literacy advocates.
Sounds pretty great, huh? Want more info? The Books For Readers web page is up and running, so as soon as you’re done here, check it out!
BOOKS FOR READERS will have 4 phases:
Nomination, Selection, Collection, and Celebration!

To begin, SCBWI asks you to nominate 1- 2 local causes with readers in need in your region by downloading an entry form (located on the web page), and emailing it to your regional team by April 30, 2017.

Next, each region will review these nominations and submit their final choices to SCBWI Headquarters by May 22, 2017. Then, the selecting, collecting, and celebrating will soon begin!

To learn more about how SCBWI will be selecting the 1-2 final recipients, how the collecting will transpire, and about all the celebrating at the recipients’ venues, visit Books for Readers!



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