What’s PAL?
PAL stands for “Published and Listed.” These are books published by traditional publishing houses that do not charge money to author or illustrators. Only PAL books are eligible for the Crystal Kite Awards and may be sold at SCBWI events.

All published children’s books (both PAL and non-PAL) are eligible for the Golden Kite Awards, Book Launch Grant, Online Book Launch Parties, and can be sold in the SCBWI Online Bookstore.

PAL Publisher Guidelines
1. The author/illustrator shall not have paid any money or consideration for the publication, marketing, editing and/or distribution or any other payment of their work in any format.  This would eliminate all vanity publishing and subsidy publishing.

2. The publisher (whether traditional or new media) must have a professional editorial process prior to publication, at no charge to the author/illustrator.

3. There must exist a means of broad distribution to the retail customer.

4. The publisher must publish works from more than one author and illustrator, or family. Thus, if there are several illustrators but only one author (or vice versa) it will not qualify.

5. The publisher must have published at least one prior full list, or in the case of a digital publisher, have been in business for a minimum of one year.

6. The publisher, whether traditional or new media,  provides a means of marketing at no cost to the author/illustrator.

If you believe your publishing house deserves PAL status please fill out the request below. Note that we retain the right to disqualify a publisher from PAL if we find after approval that it no longer meets the criteria.

Once you have been published by a PAL publisher, in order for your status to be PAL, you must upload the qualifying product and click on the publisher in the drop down menu. Your status will then automatically be changed to PAL.

PAL Request Form